Posture involves a little coordination, strength and balance. It would be difficult to train any of these areas by themselves. If you train one of these areas they are going to improve another.

If you want to improve your posture, try the following movements:

  1. Start with neck mobility. Place your arm straight out in front of you. Follow with your eyes as you move your arm up and back. Aim for 10-20 each arm.
  2. Take arm up towards the roof and follow it with your eyes. Aim for 10-20 on each arm again. This will increase the range of motion through the neck, upper back and lower back. Also, this will work both sides of the body (ie, lifting your left arm will strengthen your right lower back).
  3. We train our posture best through side to side movement. So that brings us to side to side walks. Standing upright or squat down- start walking side to side.
  4. Once you are comfortable with the side to side walks, add a weight in one hand. Uneven carries are fantastic for muscle improvement because it makes both sides of the body work. Again, training side to side movement will improve your posture.