Enhancing our bodies coordination between the left and right side is essential. Coordination is key for our bodies, but more importantly for our brain to use both right and left side. Here’s some tips on how to deliberately train coordination.

Exercise 1: Training opposites

  • Start by sitting or standing.
  • Take left hand and touch opposite knee (right knee). Perform this exercise 5-10 times.
  • Switch sides- take right hand and touch left knee.

Want to make it more complicated?

  • If you have the flexibility, try same exercise, but try with your left elbow touching your right knee. This is beneficial sitting or standing. If you feel you need more support try this sitting.

Exercise 2: Crawling

  • In a crawling position, start crawling forward. Go forward across a room and then try the reverse. Start crawling backward.
  • If you want to increase the intensity, you can do this same exercise up on your hands and feet (instead of knees).

Exercise 3: Rolling

  • Lying on the floor on your back, keep one arm up and one by your side.
  • Roll by driving your arm across your body to make your body roll.
  • Once you’ve rolled over, use the same arm to roll back onto your back.
  • Try this with the other arm, rolling the opposite way.

Once you feel successful with this, try rolling with your legs.

  • Again, start on your back. Take one leg off the ground and move it across your body. You are driving the roll by moving your legs, not your arms. Once on your stomach, drive your leg across your body again to roll onto your back.
  • Try this again with the other leg to train both sides of the body.

Once you’ve trained your Balance, Strength and Coordination exercises, you can move onto our last group of exercises. Posture exercises can be found here.