Below is a Myovision scan of a Newcastle patient that presented to Transitions Chiropractic care on 29/02/16. He is a young labourer and loves his olympic styled weight lifting. Needless to say he is a very strong and active individual.

On initial presentation he complained about ever present stiffness throughout his lower back to the point where he could not sit down at morning tea as he would tighten up too much. Likewise, he had had a massive drop in the amount of weight he was able to lift and ended up spending over 60 minutes of a session focused on mobility and about 15 minutes of actual lifting. He also had the added issue of commuting to Cooranbong each day for work.

On initial assessment there was a significant imbalance noted even in the way he was standing. His movement was asymmetrical and some parts of his body were working a lot harder than they needed to. This would have resulted in a lot of additional muscular fatigue and strain on his nervous system meaning he was already pre fatigued before working or lifting weights.

On consultation with him we set about a course of corrective chiropractic care of two visits a week for three weeks.

On 23/03/16, after the three weeks of care these were the results. Symptomatically he reported an 70% reduction in pain. His back “has felt free and (was) no longer feeling tight and inflamed.” He was lifting, was happier in the gym again and the daily commute wasn’t nearly as much of a strain.

The below scans show just how much change has happened in the muscle activity and his body is definitely working easier. It is great to objectively see just how much he has changed as subjectively in 3 weeks of chiropractic care we have seen some massive improvements.

It is a priviledge to work with motivated, young, healthy individuals and it is something that we have in spades in Newcastle. Thank you for allowing me to assist you Chiropractically speaking in finding your balance and help you transition your way to a healthier, happier way of life.

Luke Cz Comparison Scans

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