Seated Trap Stretch

Today I get to do something that we all do way too often…take a seat. When we take a seat, one of the biggest things that tightens is our trap muscles. Reason being, rather than sitting with great posture, we end up sitting slouched and with our shoulders rolled forward. Try this as one of the easiest stretches for your shoulders and neck:

  1. Sit up nice and tall
  2. Reach back behind you and hold onto your chair or a table
  3. Look down towards your under arm and place free hand on your head
  4. Gently pull down with your arm in the same direction your looking

Your hand holding the chair with act as an anchor and stabilises that muscle, then pulling down towards that under arm gets a great length through that muscle without pinching the neck.

There you have it- a nice, simple stretch while your stuck behind the desk all day. Why not give it a try?

Feel free to comment below with any questions. Likewise, feel free to share this with anyone you may think will benefit from this stretch.

Thank you,

James Staciwa