Sitting Posture

Improve YOUR Sitting Posture Today

Top 6 tips for improving your Sitting Posture:

  • Step 1: Sit TALL.
    • Aim to keep the spine as upright as possible and ideally don’t be reliant on the back rest. The more you can use your muscles to hold you upright the more you can protect your spine.
  • Step 2: Keep your knees slightly LOWER than your hips.
    • This opens up your hips allowing them to roll forward slightly, stopping you from falling back into a slouched position. It also minimises any stress and strain on you hamstrings.
  • Step 3: Keep your feet FLAT on the ground in FRONT of you.
    • This saves your calf and hamstring muscles from shortening up meaning it is easier to walk if you have sat for too long. If your feet are flat and parallel, then you are also minimising any unnecessary wear and tear on your knees or hips.
  • Step 4: Have your desk and keyboard AT or JUST BELOW elbow height.
    • This way your shoulders can stay relaxed.
  • Step 5 a (for the office workers): Keep the keyboard CLOSE.
    • This allows your back to stay upright and minimises stress and strain on the neck, upper back and shoulders that can happen from overreaching.
  • Step 5 b (for breastfeeding and nursing mums): Watch your WRISTS.
    • Constant bending and flexing your wrists to support bub’s neck is extremely tough. When possible try to keep your wrists and forearms aligned & straight, otherwise these little muscles and joints will fatigue way too quickly.
  • Step 7: Have the computer screen set up at EYE LEVEL.
    • Appropriate screen height and distance makes it easier to maintain an upright posture. It decreases the muscular strain especially throughout your upper neck, back and shoulders.