You can smell it! Literally spring is just around the corner. Wattle is in the air, the warmer winds are about, the birds are chirping and the kookaburras are singing. We are in that magic time of year when the days are getting warmer, the sun is greeting us a little earlier and staying a little later. Whatever you love to do, be it gardening, running, surfing, cycling, hanging out in your favourite cafe or going for a walk around our beautiful harbour, spring is a great time to do it- Spring into Life! 

You might be thinking about how to Spring into Life and I’d agree, it is a great time to do so. However, if you have come off a slower winter, maybe one with less exercise or movement than usual or maybe one where you have been struggling with flu or sickness, it is completely human and you are allowed to restore and reboot over winter. So how can we help you and most importantly, how can you help yourself spring into life in 2017? 

  1. Reconnect– Over winter we can tend to hibernate and sometimes this is completely required. Allowing your batteries time to recharge and reboot is critical. Now spring is here, the days are warming up! A brilliant thing to do is get outside and be in touch with nature. Either in the ocean, sand or bush, try to help “ground yourself.” Grounding refers to immersing yourself in nature and allowing yourself to connect to the amazing raw power of the earth. Let the power of nature give you a boost and to do this one of the best things to do is to drop the technology. The power of the ocean is immense and the vulnerability that you can feel when you realise just how small you really are is absolutely liberating. Run or swim without the Garmin, the iPhone or even the headphones. Especially if you are getting back into training, the speed or distance is not the most important thing, getting active and loving it again is. This “earthing” can be a huge boost to your energy and mental perspective and I was recently told “you’re so much nicer after you have had you swim”…Thanks Lana
  2. Reconnect within– If you have been dormant for any length of time, your body may have started to stiffen up. Think of how stiff those first few steps in the morning can sometimes feel, heaven forbid you have to bend over, put your shoes on and walk down a flight of stairs. It can be quite daunting when you feel locked up and tense. Chiropractic and getting adjusted will help you “get your groove back.” By definition we are here to help unlock your body so that you can better adapt to and enjoy your environment. Getting adjusted will improve your ability and your children’s ability to process this wonderful sensory information that is around you. In spring, the keen gardeners are sculpting and pruning their plants and vegetable gardens in hope of the crops that they will soon harvest. You and your family could use the same TLC. The seeds that you plant today become the fertile fields of the future. 
  3. Choose today– as a day to start. Even if it is Wednesday or Friday, today is a great day to start a new habit. Springing into life also means springing forward. Forward into progress and to an awesome future. And it is you that is in control of how far you’ll spring. You can quit smoking today, change your eating habits or even change your mindset today! You just have to want the change bad enough to do it. Today is your day to choose to be awesome and as Henry Ford said, “Whether or not you think you can or you can’t, you are probably right.” A few months ago I chose to start the daily practice of gratitude and it was hard consistent practice for 3 weeks. Finally it’s a habit that I truly love and embrace. Finally, even though I have been a long time exercise nut, I thought I’d try something different- run every day. 48 days later- I’m still going. You too can start! 
  4. Set a challenge or a commitment– maybe it’s joining a new gym, completing a park run or swimming once a week. It could be spending more time with loved ones and reconnecting there. If it works for the birds and the bees, then spring can work for us too. Commit to what matters most to you and remember tiny action steps create massive momentum. One of my all-time favourite athletes, David Goggins, often talks about the 40% rule. Whether your challenge is a sport or the social or family commitment, I believe in you and I know that you can do and give more to yourself and the ones you love.
  5. Jump & grow wings– try something different this spring. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t know how it will all work out. It’s completely ok to jump off the cliff and grow wings on the way down. We don’t always need the perfect answer, sometimes we just need to try! Kids have this amazing growth mindset, constantly trying new things and some really don’t work out that well. Others are magic. As we get older, it is never too late to embrace this magic. We can alway learn and try something new. Some of the examples I have been inspired by include:
    • Joining the local rifle range and learning to shoot
    • Jumping into pottery
    • Investing in themselves through things like the Landmark forum

Finally, I also wanted to point out that we want to help you start your weekend’s right. As a result, from Sept 8th our Friday hours have extended until 630pm so that you can get the most out of your weekends. 

Our September inspired movement giveaway is on in conjunction with East End Skate, all entries close September 22nd and to enter for your chance to win a $200 voucher for East End Skate upload your favourite photo of how you are going to spring into life in 2017 either to the Transitions Chiropractic Facebook Page or on Instagram using the #transitionschiro hashtag. 

Thanks again and at Transitions Chiropractic we are always here to help you live life without limits and hopefully we can help either provide you or inspire you with possibility of what is possible.