Stabilising the Upper Triad: Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders

The upper back, neck and shoulders is one area of the body that is under ever increasing amounts of pressure. Much of this literally has to do with the mechanical forces placed on this highly mobile and flexible region of your body. Hours of computer work, mobile phones & tablets and our warped speed of technological advancement comes at a cost and posture seems to be declining at a rate proportional to technology advancing.

One of the best practises is to stabilise the upper back, neck and shoulders (the upper triad). This maximises strength and support and minimises postural decline and fatigue. The simple push up is a great way to train stability for the upper triad. One thing to remember is you can change your hand positions to create several different push ups that will strengthen slightly different areas of the upper triad.

Have a play with the exercises here in this video and remember to be dynamic. Being strong and supple in various positions is the key to preventing postural decline and keeping the ideal balance of strength and stability in the upper triad.

Push Ups- Strengthening upper triad with bent arm work

Planks- Strengthening upper triad with straight arm work

Planks are a fantastic position and especially if you consider the postural fatigue of hours of prolonged sitting, these prolonged holds really help to maximise postural entrance and stability. Here’s a few examples:

If you want to train the stability in your upper back, neck and shoulders- try something different. Play and experiment with these exercises I’ve gone over today.

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