Over the past month some pretty amazing things happened. It has been full steam ahead on the Caintrain now the my little guy is walking!!! Soon he will be running a muck and Merissa & I will be struggling just to keep up with him- I’m a little excited and just a tad nervous…

I also received a short email from Seth Godin, entitled: Tyres, coffee and people. The relevant part of the email is:

“The most important part of a race car is the tyresGood tyres will always beat bad ones. The most important part of a cup of coffee is the beans. The grinder, the machine, the barista pale in comparison to the quality of what you start with.

…….And yet we spend money on 4 wheel drive instead of snow tyres. And yet we upgrade our coffee maker instead of buying from a local roaster (or roasting our own)”.

This made me think about our own bodies. The most important part of our body is our spine. The muscles, the organs, the shoes or clothing are nothing compared to the health of our spine. Our spine houses and protects our entire nervous system, it sends and transmits messages constantly throughout the body, these messages then tell our stomach to break down food or our legs to run faster. Sure, we can block some of these messages through fancy shoes or over the counter drugs and prescriptions, but what have we changed? Without the spine working properly, the shoes will be nothing but a fancy piece of rubber and the drugs will just dull the senses that are otherwise saying something is wrong.

Please don’t wait for your body to be in pain before you decide it is time to get checked and adjusted. Our body is performing way to many other important tasks to focus primarily on pain. Every time we walk, breathe, laugh, cry or smile, it is messages from our spine that allow us to do so. That recurring winter cough, sinus or ear infection that won’t go away could also be caused by pressure on your spine. Pain is not the first warning signal that something is wrong, likewise the flat tyre is not the first sign that the tyre is wearing out.

So this week, even if you don’t have a problem, upgrade the quality of your coffee beans because you deserve better. Check and rotate your tyres so that you and your family can have a safer ride. Finally, get your spine checked and adjusted so that your body can stand for longer with less pain, check your blind spots in the car, concentrate better,  allow your sinuses to drain easier or just deal with the stress and strain of our hectic lives with a bit more resilience.

Below is a copy of a Myovision scan that I performed on a teenage girl that I first saw 18/8/15 when she presented she was in a lot of pain through her mid back, felt her back was “clicking” a lot and struggled to get through a game of Oz tag and go skipping. On the 22/9/15 we performed her reexamination and it showed a massive improvement in muscle activity, inflammation and mobility. There are no more complaints and she is a healthy, active teenager happy to run around the Oz tag field all day. She is comfortable sitting at school however, I think she enjoys school holidays more…

Before you consider upgrading your shoes or your gym membership, get your spine checked first. Make sure your body is in the best position to function as you want it to. We all know that your body was designed to be amazing!!!

James Staciwa
M. Chiropract B. Chiro Sci


Myovision 1


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