Backpack vs Shoulder Bag

What is the best bag to send your kids back to school with? Backpack vs Shoulder Bag? They can both be fantastic if you wear them the right way.

How do we avoid sending our kids to school with their backpack weighing a ton, forcing them to hunch over to carry it?

Conventional Backpack

If you are going for a conventional backpack, please keep the straps fairly tight and look for one that has the extra chest strap as well. So when the backpack is on, the chest strap should be fastened around the chest and the backpack is sitting on the back. Kids have a tendency of wanting to wear their backpacks on their bum. If this is the case, bring the backpack up and make sure it is sitting on their back.

One of the issues of conventional backpacks is allowing us to fill up the backpack, making the backpack very heavy and possibly too heavy for their body.

Shoulder Bag

Depending on the size of bag your child needs, a shoulder bag is really beneficial to your posture, comfortable and could be a great option for your child. Another benefit to shoulder bags is the way they are worn. Shoulder bags are worn across the body which makes the weight of the bag perfectly balanced and natural to wear. Shoulder bags also allow muscles back muscles to be strong enough to support the weight of the bag going from one side to the other, it limits the amount of items to carry and its not forcing the body forward.

One thing to note about shoulder bags is that across the body is very different than carrying the bag on the side of your body. So if you are going for a shoulder bag, ensure that your child is wearing it properly.

Hopefully this helps! Feel free to comment below: we’d love to hear your thoughts and what your choice is for a school bag. Backpack vs Shoulder Bag?