Breathing your way to calm

Ever noticed what happens to your breathing when your stressed out? Breathing gets shallower and quicker. Each inhale takes more effort with even less benefit. The upper chest and shoulders pump with each breath. The shoulders then become so tight they glue themselves to the ears. The lower ribs and diaphragm seize up and stop […]

Cultivating Lil Superhumans

kids and chiropractic

Have you ever wondered why the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree? I know I have. As a parent, like you, I too want to prove this proverb wrong. As a parent I’d love the fruits of my tree to flourish brighter, better and to travel further than my own. I’d love to […]

12 Rules of Survival for 2021

Times are forever changing. As such so is life as we know it. This change is happening at such a rapid rate the very first thing we need to be able to do is to survive them. Charles Darwin was quoted that “it isn’t necessarily the fittest that survive, but the fittingest,” ie those most […]

“Sitting’s the new smoking”

If only we had a dollar every time we heard this. Sitting has increased substantially. Sitting has increased so much that it’s difficult to reverse the effects of long term sitting. Recent studies have shown that American adults sit on average 12 hours per day. There is just no way to avoid that fact that […]


Over the past few months, I’ve had one almost seemingly endless battle. The fight for sleep. As you all know, when you don’t sleep you don’t recover. It can lead us feeling not just tired but sore, irritable and moody. Lack of sleep can alter our digestion, lead us craving more sugar and as a […]

Trail Running, Meditation, Covid 19 and Healing

For many of you, you’d know that endurance sport has been a passion of mine for quite some time. After 11 years in the triathlon game I’ve finally moved on. I’ve started to leave the bike and goggles behind and focus on the concept of ultra running. Why? Well honestly it is a massive challenge […]

“L.O.V.E. is all you need”

Were the Beatles healers at heart? Did John Lennon know “Love is All You Need” even when it comes to Musculoskeletal injures? I doubt this was the intent or even a hindsight from their song however, it turns out in 2019 the British Journal of Sports Medicine massively upgraded the recommended care for Musculoskeletal injuries. […]

Covid 19: Top 10 Positives

Covid 19 has forever changed the landscape of the world we live in. For better or worse? I feel for many of us that is undecided. The tragic loss of human life, cost of human health, mental health, economic health, financial health and security- it has been devastating. Yet surely there’s some silver lining from […]

Your Immune System & You

Anitoxidant super foods to boost immune system

With an unprecedented health pandemic sweeping across the globe how can we help fuel the fires of calm and sanity? What exactly is going on? Why are the rates of infection so high? What can we do about Coronavirus? What’s the difference between Coronavirus and Covid-19? How do we stay healthy, stop the curve and […]

The Stress Effect

Ever noticed how pain has a habit of shifting? From the neck to the lower back, the left to the right, apparently always on the move. Other times it can completely change from physical pain to stomach upsets, constant irritation, heart palpitations, brain fog and constant rumination’s unable to switch off and sleep. These “dysfunctions” […]