A Fresh Perspective Ever gone to a seminar or an event and had your opinions completely and utterly turned on their heads? Only believing in one way of doing things and suddenly…. there’s a new way (only it’s not new it’s just looking from a different perspective). I had this experience recently when I had […]

Mental Muscle Training

Many of you know, a little while ago I tackled something dubbed the Extreme 3 Challenge. It involved 2 extreme ultra distance triathlons in Alaska & Canada and an additional 50km Ultramarathon in Southern California all over 3 consecutive weekends. In total the racing included 7km of swimming, 362km of cycling, 138km of running and […]

5 Pillars of Posture

What are they? Why are they so important? “Posture is nature’s way of expressing energy.” Posture, it is something that we can always seek to optimise, but it does take work. If you’re like me, thinking “it is so hard to keep good posture throughout the day how could I possibly work on it?” Sure this […]

Posterior Pelvic Tilt

Unfortunately a problem of the modern lifestyle many of us are living is that we sit for too long. It’s been said that at the speed that technology is advancing, posture is declining. This can and does come at a huge cost to our health and well-being. One of the most common and notable postural […]

Back To School

It is hard to know who is the most excited. Students, parents or teachers? Either way as the end of January rolls around it often spells a time of change for families as the school bell is soon to toll. So how can we best prepare our kids for the journey ahead?  At Transitions Chiropractic […]

Kids and Chiropractic

Kids. Chiropractic. Possibility. One of my favourite things about being a chiropractor is the fact that I get to help create and shape tiny little super humans. The ability to check children, to help to remove any interference to their nervous system, to enhance their mobility and to optimise their ability to thrive is a […]

90 Days

90 Days Can Massively Change Your Life….. We’ve talked about it before. We can change our habits in about 21 days.  I have even wrote a 30 day postural challenge. Taking you step by step one day at a time, walking you through how to change your posture in 30 days. However, there’s one problem, […]

Stress & Chiropractic

Stress- it isn’t all bad….. Argh stress!!! A catch phrase we have all heard a billion times. What exactly is Stress? Based on the original definition from Hans Selye’s book, The Stress of Life, stress can be seen either positive or negative (eustress or distress). Both cause a reaction from your body and it is […]

First Line Of Defence: Skin Health

The first line of Defence: Skin Health Although there is no secret to the fact that we are all covered in skin, it is possibly the most underappreciated organ in the body. It also happens to be the largest organ too. Due to the nature of our lifestyle and our environment, skin is under constant […]

Sitting Posture

Improve YOUR Sitting Posture Today Top 6 tips for improving your Sitting Posture: Step 1: Sit TALL. Aim to keep the spine as upright as possible and ideally don’t be reliant on the back rest. The more you can use your muscles to hold you upright the more you can protect your spine. Step 2: […]