March Newsletter

The Beauty of our bodies… That went by really quick!! I can’t believe that summer is over already (well at least officially)! Our little rockstar Cain is already 6 months old and he is absolutely smashing his extension exercises. The other day I jumped on the floor and followed his workout going from superman to […]

The BIG 6- February Newsletter

Wow, can you believe that “love is in the air” already? This year is moving ahead at warp speed and I love it! Being busy to me means change and the changes that I can already see happening are awesome. All of us here at Transitions Chiropractic have picked our “One Word” and mine has certainly served […]

October Newsletter

Ok, so a bunch of super cool things have been happening over the past 6 weeks. Yes, if I get a little personal the birth of my son Cain certainly tops the cake, but I believe that in reality it really has been a great past few weeks. One reason is the warmer weather and […]