Weighted Stretching

Weighted Stretching to Increase Flexibility

3 Simple Stretches (Weighted Stretching) to Increase Flexibility

If you want to increase your flexibility, simple stretching may take a very long time to see results. On the other hand, using weight or resistance to increase your mobility through your joints will loosen up those muscles a little bit faster. Below are 3 simple weighed stretches to ideally help your entire body improve mobility and flexibility.

Tight Shoulders?

  • Pick up a kettle bell
  • Try and do little halo circles around your head
  • The tighter you can make the circle, the looser your shoulders are going to be
  • Make sure you do it both ways…and don’t start with a 16 kg kettle bell

Squatting Properly

  • When squatting, we want to try sitting back in that chair and try popping those hips up at the end to promote that drive
  • Facing a wall, try doing a proper squat without hitting the wall
  • Keep your chest up and look forward
  • Bend down (sitting back) and pick up kettle bell
  • Drive up and drop, drive up and drop, drive up and drop
  • Move closer to the wall a little bit, repeat same squat
  • Keep moving closer to the wall until you have reached your limit

Tight through Lower/Upper back, Hamstrings and Calves?

  • Stand up on a stool while holding a kettle bell
  • Slowly start rolling your body forward
  • Go as far as you can and then slowly come back up
  • Repeat and hold at bottom if possible

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