Poor Mans Traction

“Poor Mans” Traction Ideally gravity has a pretty big affect on us everyday, so unless you have an inversion table at home this works pretty well and is really easy. How to do the Poor Mans Traction stretch: Crawl your hands up the wall as high as you can Lean into the wall Hold position […]


Extension One of the simple things that we can never do enough is lean back and practise that extension. It is a very important thing to practise because we are living lives now that we are constantly leaning forward. Leaning back, but not engaging your head or arms is not extension. When practising, try to […]

Seated Trap Stretch

Seated Trap Stretch Today I get to do something that we all do way too often…take a seat. When we take a seat, one of the biggest things that tightens is our trap muscles. Reason being, rather than sitting with great posture, we end up sitting slouched and with our shoulders rolled forward. Try this […]