At Transitions Chiropractic our vision is to help you live a life without limits. To unlock the potential that is present inside each and every one of you and to inspire and provide possibility along the way. So what does all that mean? A life without limits or inspiring and providing possibility…..

A life without limits is going to be very different for each and every one of us. Whether it is being able to comfortably keep up when chasing the kids along Merewether or to crest Mount Sugarloaf on a morning ride. Our life is our own greatest story however, unlike any great read I don’t think the ending should be completely set in stone. I believe that life is supposed to be more like a “choose your own adventure” book where adaptability and chance are around each corner. The options to try and do something different are ever present and just the option of trying is your own discretion. We don’t all need to go bungy jumping or run a marathon just to prove that we have no limits, but it is nice to believe and know that if we really wanted to we could. Another example of removing limits is our breathing consultant Dean O’Rourke. He has had some brilliant results helping people with breathing difficulties that were thought of as being untreatable including snoring and sleep apnoea. By removing the barriers to their breathing problems there is a whole world of possibility out there again!

Once the limiter has been removed and we feel like we can go full throttle again how do we then inspire and provide possibility? This means a lot to me because inspiring possibility means untapping the potential and the excitement within your own mind. Your own mind is the last great unexplored continent. It is truly the final frontier so what each and every one of us is thinking is not only unique but it is ever powerful. However, think of your mind like a field. This fertile field will grow seeds of doubt and failure or it will grow imagination and possibility. Unfortunately the longer you have been told or felt you can’t do something, the more likely the doubt and failure weeds will become overgrown and hide the positivity. Ideally we help to shed light on the imagination and possibility again by trimming back the “Negative Nancy” weeds. Whether it is through helping you move and feel better or the positive encouragement that it can be done, we are always here to support you in providing your roadmap towards possibility. Personally I’ve loved challenging myself both in the corporate and sporting field for a while now. I can’t wait to see what I am capable of over the next few weeks and I’ll get a chance to show and maybe even inspire a few of you at the Boston Marathon and Ironman Australia.

Recently I watched a great movie “The Way” starring Martin Sheen. Much of the movie involved him searching for meaning while hiking the Camino De Santiago across Spain. One of the big take home messages for me was that you have to find and make your own reason and happiness. When he finally knew why he did the walk it was as if the weight of the world was lifted from his shoulders. Like the “choose your own adventure” book, sometimes you do have to take the road less traveled or adapt to what life throws at you.

So the three big tips to living a life without limits?

          – schedule an appointment @ Transitions Chiropractic and see if we can help remove any of the roadblocks in your way

          – look to your peers for support and inspiration– having family members, a coach or a training partner in life & in sport is a great way to reminding you that it can be done and you are amazing.

          – Remember the head “Watch your thoughts, they lead to words, watch your words they lead to actions, watch your actions they lead to habits, watch your habits they become your character & watch your character it becomes your destiny”……..

Go on- Live Life!!!