You can’t choose what happens to you, but you can choose your response.

Sometimes it can seem that there isn’t a whole lot that we get to control. Things consistently keep happening that seemingly effect all of our lives. Over the past year many of these “things” have been pretty legitimate speed bumps and even detours that have derailed us along our otherwise smooth road. Some but not all of these obstacles include:

These are truly legitimate roadblocks and obstacles. Yet many that are outside of our scope to control. However, there is one thing that you do get to control- YOUR PERSPECTIVE.  

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re probably right.

Play the cards you’re dealt.

As you can see, this is nothing new. The quotes about perspective and choice are endless and we’d love to start with this simple little choice of asking about you. How are you? Are you managing to stay on track?Do you get back up every time life’s asking you to detour or giving you so many speed bumps your head has created a new sun roof through the top of your car??? Before even trying to figure out if the new bit of news makes the glass 1/2 full or 1/2 empty- we want to know about the glass.  The glass is you and you are far more important than any single event that is happening to you. Please remember, YOU MATTER- way more than anything that’s happening to you, what it does to you, how you respond for us that’s way more important. 

At Transitions Chiropractic, we see it every day. Any life well lived, any journey worth travelling comes with its share of speed bumps and detours. We can be going along smoothly then the smallest little thing knocks us off the road. We strain our back, shoulders, hips, blow a disc, get headaches or pull a muscle all from a seemingly innocuous little bump that in that instant unfortunately we were not able to absorb. In the Chiropractic world, we help improve your body and nervous systems capacity to handle the bumps. To be more malleable to those unforeseen changes in the road. So ideally you can keep travelling through to your destination with the least delays as possible. However, the perspective that you choose determines just how quickly you’ll get back on the road. From injury through to the ultimate black swan of 2020 being COVID- there often is a choice, not necessarily in the event but in the outcome you create from it. Is the time on the detour a change to explore something new, is there any silver lining there at all? This is the beauty of perspective.

Perspective, at the end of the day is a skill. It’s something that comes to us through a whole lot of repetition and learned behaviour. Below is 6 quick takeaways on perspective, both lessons we’ve learnt on our own journey and also some inspirational ones that you’ll be able to observe yourself.

6 Quick Hits On Perspective

End Game

This is a beautiful, short documentary on palliative care. Sometimes, it’s takes seeing something truly out of your normal comfort zone to help you see a new light. If you want to see the world through a different set of eyes, I urge you, give this a try. It introduces you to a wonderful Pallative Care Physician Dr BJ Miller. His story is truly remarkable and to listen to more of it check out his podcast with Peter Attia on The Drive. If you’d like to dive deeper into the world of BJ Miller, check out his new book


For the first time, over New Years we went camping as a family. Heading out we had the talk to the kids about not being able to control the weather. Sure enough we set up in the rain (literally hadn’t even taken this tent out of the bag before) and we had a ball. As a family, we chose to still have fun. Besides, we are not made of sugar….

Triathlon / Ultrarunning / Family

Injury has had me sidelined from running for over 6 months. And I’m happy. I used to believe that I needed to race to inspire my kids, to show them what is possible. Thankfully injury has made me realise kids don’t care about finish times and they don’t learn from them either. Kids want to be part of the action, interactive and full on. So my previous wild personal goals of 100mile races and crazy triathlons have shifted. Weekends are a new race, a new victory. A hike with my son, adventure with my family… I want the best for my kids, to help them be amazing, resilient, strong and talented. This perspective, this outcome will take more than hopes and dreams. It’s the new lens, the new perspective that we are viewing this world and the effort it’ll take is absolutely worth it. 


Self Talk

Ever had a great coach or teacher in your life? They can be amazing right? But most of these inspirational people leave after a season or a school year. The one coach that never leaves is ourselves. The one voice in our head can be controlled. So try something different. Next time you catch yourself trash talking or talking down to yourself- respond with humour. Seriously, I tried this for the first time on the weekend and sure enough after berating myself for a mistake I made out on the water, in my best Ernie impersonation from Sesame Street I was telling myself it was all ok. Humour is an amazing antidote- give it a try!!! 

The Merger

This is a true Netflix masterpiece. Straight out of veins of Aussie Comedy classics like “the Castle.” When it comes to choosing perspective, sometimes we may literally need to be forced, to be dragged kicking and screaming over to the other side. But it’s worth it. If you’ve got a chance please watch this movie– where else could they tackle football life in a small town, the refugee crisis, death of a loved one and asbestos…..

Rising Pheonix

A Phoenix by definition is a long lived bird that regenerates or is reborn. The expression Rising Phoenix symbolises one who has arisen from flames as a rebirth, conquering all life challenges and defeating hard times. This documentary is amazing and true to this definition. A story of how the Paralympics started, an extraordinary journey of the people involved and a new understanding of disability. A truely inspiring documentary that will bring a shift in perspective and a new found strength.

What’s your perspective for 2021? Whatever it is we are here for you. We wish you all the best for an amazing year ahead and whatever the goal, the dream or the idea, we are here to help you live life without limits….


James Staciwa