Prevent Poor Posture While Using A Tablet

How can we prevent poor posture while using a tablet? So many of us are on tablets these days, so how can we do it while keeping our posture upright? Here are a couple tips and tricks on how you can use a tablet while keeping that spine nice and long!

In a perfect scenario, you’re on a tablet for as long as you can hold it in front of your face and preferably in a standing position.

One of the hardest things with a tablet when using in a seated position is that we are going to slump down on the chair or over a desk. So, if you’re using a tablet at a desk, grab a stand to lift the tablet up to your eye level.

The alternate to prevent the office slumping, is going on the ground. You are actually better off using a tablet while lying on your belly on the ground. In this position, your spine is nice and flat, your body has some extension, you are activating your brain because you are using your extension muscles and it is much easier to stay focused and not hunch forward over the screen.

So when using a tablet, either hold it in front of your face standing, use a desk stand or go on the ground.

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