Travel In Comfort

Travel In Comfort- How To Use This Spiky Ball To Relieve Some Muscle Tension As a few of you might know, I just got back from New Zealand racing over in Challenge Wanaka. This trip came with 2 days of long travel, so I wanted to introduce you to my favourite travelling companion. This is…

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Welcome to the Jungle- Challenge Wanaka Race Report

Challenge Wanaka- Welcome to the Jungle Who would have thought that a sleepy little town surrounded by ski fields, magnificent mountains and on the edge of a magical lake would explode into an epic Triathlon Jungle? Somewhere deep in the south island of New Zealand, lives the beautiful town of Wanaka. In 2018 I was…

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Backpack vs Shoulder Bag

Backpack vs Shoulder Bag What is the best bag to send your kids back to school with? Backpack vs Shoulder Bag? They can both be fantastic if you wear them the right way. How do we avoid sending our kids to school with their backpack weighing a ton, forcing them to hunch over to carry…

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