5 Spokes in Your Wheel of Health

5 Spokes in your Wheel of Health James Staciwa here with another episode of Transitions Chiropractic Newcastle’s blog on the 5 Spokes in your Wheel of Health. These 5 spokes or pillars are vital to how well your wheel will roll and each is just as important as the other. In no particular order, these […]


Letting go of the reins- Vulnerability For years I know I have tried to make myself as bulletproof as possible. Both in work, home and play. An approach to life similar to that of being a clock. Always dependable, never skipping a beat and like any good machine, always ready to be used whenever called […]

Stretching Before a Winters Run?

Winter Running? Tempted to Stretch Before? Don’t Bother! As the temperature drops a lot of us don our running shoes and head for the hills. Now as great as the colder weather is for running there is one big problem. How do you warm up? This is really important in training and especially when it […]

Adding Strength and Resistance to your Routine

Just Cardio or Strength and Resistance Training too? For the past 2 months I have found my second home. As a triathlete for the past 8 years I have been addicted to going long. Swimming further, riding further and running further each and every day. However, being Chiropractor and owner of Transitions Chiropractic Newcastle, I am […]

This pain in my chest is worsening…

Suffering from Chest Pain or Rib Pain? If you have ever suffered from chest pain or rib pain, it can be very difficult to know what to do. First up, you want to make sure it isn’t a heart problem. If all clear, it’s time to think of the other options: have I had a […]

Doc- Is it a Disc??

One of the most frequently asked questions that we ever receive at Transitions Chiropractic Newcastle is, “Doc, how do I know my back pain isn’t a disc injury?” Unfortunately the answer is often unwanted, and yes, it is a disc injury…. Many of you know that our spine is made up of 24 vertebrae and the discs that […]

Life – The Experience

What would you prefer to do? Stand on the side lines and watch the game or jump in and be a part of it? I know my answer is pretty obvious however, just to reiterate, I would always prefer to jump right in than to be a passive observer. The other week I had a […]

Lessons learnt in 800k across Spain

At Transitions Chiropractic our vision is to help you live a life without limits. To unlock the potential that is present inside each and every one of you and to inspire and provide possibility along the way. So what does all that mean? A life without limits or inspiring and providing possibility….. A life without […]

Can you Teach Old Dogs New Tricks?

Pushups while Barefoot Waterskiing! Proving that an old dog CAN learn new tricks!   BEFORE: This client is a family man, a business man and a really keen weekend waterskier. After years of semi-professional soccer, his right hip was waking him every night. He could hardly ski for more than 5 minutes.   TREATMENT: After […]

Bulletproofing Your Most Important Asset

Well what is it? What is the number one thing that is important to you and your family? For me and for the rest of the tribe here at Transtions Chiropractic, it is our family. Taking care of our family, making sure they are as bulletproof as possible and have the best chances in life […]