Keep The Neck On The Rails

Neck Nods

The upper neck and back is built to maximise front to back movement. The joints and vertebrae are arranged like a train track running up and down the spine. Neck Nods are a great exercise to get the neck and upper back moving and sliding easily along the same direction the rails are facing.

Neck Nods:

  • Take the head all the way forwards to the chest, rolling forwards one vertebrae at a time, hunching and pulling the shoulders inwards to maximise movement.
  • Then ever so slowly, one vertebrae at a time reverse the movement. Rolling back up, opening the shoulders and pulling back until looking at the sky.
  • Aim for 10 – 20 reps, as slow and as far as you can to get the most reach possible.

Teaching the neck to move “on the rails” is much easier, more comfortable and less irritating than going side to side. Always start here first.

This is a mobility exercise, not a static stretch/ the more you do it the more you’ll “grease the groove” and roll further forwards and backwards.

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