Author: James Staciwa


Bringing balance into your body boosts brain and body health & performance. Balance is a skill that we need and if you don’t use it

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A Fresh Perspective Ever gone to a seminar or an event and had your opinions completely and utterly turned on their heads? Only believing in

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Lateral Carries

Balance is beautiful, yet we aren’t perfectly symmetrical. When it comes to strengthening and supporting the body, deliberate uneven heavy carries can help shift towards

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Rotation Training

Supporting Your Body It’s 24/7, 365 days and 360 DEGREES. Full spinal and body support means resisting and absorbing tension from any angle. Try some

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Core Strength

Core training, a standing option Training the core. We believe your core is vital to supporting you through all moves of life. When training your

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Lateral Movements

Inactive or Lazy Gluts? Lateral movements are key to firing glut and extensor muscles through the lower back and minimising hip flexor strain. Restoring Glut

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Pressing Reset

Life is full speed ahead! At 100mph it’s easy to get caught up in the “to do” list. The “honey do” list, the “chores,” hourly

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